add a new post in wordpress website

add a new post in wordpress website

Step 1: Log in to WordPress

You must enter your WordPress dashboard and enter your username and password.

How to create a new post on a WordPress website?

step 2:Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Posts”

There are several ways to add a new post, the easiest way is to hold the mouse over the posts tab and click on add new.Or you can click on the post on the left, from the menu on the right, hold New Post in the top bar and click Send.

step3:Enter the title your new post

You can enter the title of your post

add title post in wordpress

step4:Enter body content

The large box is the box below where you will place all the text, images, and other content that will make up your new blog post.

add post body in wordpress

step5:Choose a featured image for the post

The featured image is usually displayed at the top of your post, meaning that wherever the post appears, the featured image will appear with it.

 post featured image for wordpress

Step 6:Select categories and tags

Categories Tags in post wordpress

You can find tags and categories on the right side of a post

Categories can usually be said to be similar to menus, which are further divided, while tags are usually a bit more specific. For example, if you were posting a cake recipe, your category might be “baking” and your tags might be “cake,” “birthday,” and “icing.”When you’re creating tags and categories, try to think of topics that people want to read more about. You don’t want your tags/categories to be too general, but you also don’t want them to be too specific to only have one post.

The last step 7. Hit publish!

You can preview the post on your site by clicking the preview button in the sidebar. Once you’re sure your post is complete and your post is done, click the blue Publish button on the right and your post will be live!Or you can hit Save Draft and come back to it later. Drafts are stored in WordPress but not visible to any of your site visitors.

What are the types of posts in WordPress?

What are the types of posts in WordPress?
What are the types of posts in WordPress?

WordPress offers two main categories of posts:

1. Default Post Types:

These come pre-installed with WordPress and serve various purposes:

2. Custom Post Types:

WordPress’s flexibility allows you to create custom post types tailored to your specific needs. These can be anything you can imagine, such as:

  1. Products in an online store
  2. Events on a calendar
  3. Recipes with ingredients and instructions
  4. Team members with profiles and bios
  5. Portfolios showcasing creative work

difference between post and page in wordpress

The difference between a post and a page in WordPress
The difference between a post and a page in WordPress

Both posts and pages in WordPress allow you to create content, but they serve different purposes:

1. Content Focus:

2. Organization:

3. Display:


In simpler terms:

Remember, these are general guidelines. With WordPress’s flexibility, you can customize some aspects of both posts and pages to fit your specific needs.

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