how to add a comment section in wordpress

how to add comment form in wordpress page

To add your comments to the posts on your website, you can share your comments with users at the end of your post. Next, I will teach you how to delete or edit the comment, which is suitable for those who are administrators of the site. how to add comment form in wordpress page That’s […]

How to add Media in WordPress Media Library

what is media library in wordpress? In WordPress, media refers to any type of non-text content that is used to create and enhance website content. It encompasses a wide range of file formats, including images, videos, audio files, documents, and even other types of digital assets. Types of Media in WordPress: Images: Images are the […]

Add a new post to your WordPress website step by step

add a new post in wordpress website Step 1: Log in to WordPress You must enter your WordPress dashboard and enter your username and password. step 2:Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on “Posts” There are several ways to add a new post, the easiest way is to hold the mouse over the posts […]

How much does a new website design cost 2024

build wordpress website

How much a website design cost ? The cost of a website design can vary depending on a number of factors, including the complexity of the design, the experience of the designer, and the location of the designer. However, there are some general guidelines that you can follow to estimate the cost of a website […]

best free wordpress photo compression plugin

5 best free wordpress image optimization plugin

When to use image optimization One of the primary reasons for slow loading speed is massive image sizes. So, does it mean you should not add any pictures to your website? Obviously not! Average web visitors won’t spend more than 15 seconds on your site. However, relevant and engaging images encourage users to spend more time browsing […]

what is the best free seo plugin for wordpress in 2024

Artificial Intelligence SEO tool

what is the 10 best seo plugin for wordpress Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks normally performed by humans because it requires human intelligence and judgment. Artificial intelligence research has been very successful in developing effective techniques for solving a wide range of problems, from gaming […]

Can I write content using Chat GPT?

how to use chatgpt for seo content writing

What is Chat GPT?Chat GPT is a natural language processing tool that supports artificial intelligence technology, allowing you to have human-like conversations and much more with your chatbot. The language model can answer questions and help you do things like write emails, articles, and code. Now open to the public for free. And for those […]

How to use Ai to design a website

AI in WordPress

How to use ai for website design Using artificial intelligence for web design can help simplify the design process, generate creative ideas, and enhance user experiences. Here are some ways to incorporate artificial intelligence into web design: Design assistance: AI tools can help web designers generate design and layout ideas. They can analyze existing designs, […]

5 Best free wordpress security plugin in 2024

WordPress security plugin

Why should we use a WordPress security plugin on our site?Today, many websites are infected with malware at any time of the week. An average website is attacked 85 times a day, which includes non-WordPress and WordPress websites. A security breach on your website can cause devastating damage to your business. You could lose data, […]

How create menu custom in wordpress 2024

How to Create, Add a Navigation Menu in WordPress website

How create menu in wordpress website Adding a navigation menu to your WordPress website is a straightforward process that can be accomplished in just a few steps. Here’s a comprehensive guide to get you started: Step 1: Create a New Menu Step 2: Add Menu Items Step 3: Arrange Menu Items Step 4: Assign Menu […]